Monday, 9 January 2012

BT engineer awarded £18000 for hearing loss

The following appears courtesy of Simpson Millar's law update.

BT engineer receives £18,000 for hearing loss claim
Dated: 03/01/2012 Key Contact: Phillip Gower
We recently acted on behalf of a client who during his course of employment as a jointer/engineer had been exposed to excessive levels of noise. We helped our client bring a noise induced hearing loss claim for compensation against his previous employer and he received £18,000 in compensation for his work-related injury.

Our client worked as a jointer/engineer from 1987 to 2004 with British Telecommunications PLC which meant that during his employment he often used tone sets (oscillators and amplifiers) used to produce and detect a tone on a line during cable changing, fault finding and cable jointing. The tone sets or tests were at various stages coloured green and yellow.

BT admitted that they had been negligent and were in breach of their statutory duty to keep employees safe in relation to the green and unmodified yellow testers and agree that our client's hearing loss was attributable to his work with them as a jointer/engineer.

Our client was diagnosed with high frequency sensorineural hearing loss as a result of ageing, dyslipidaemia and noise exposure on both sides. Medical experts on both sides agree that our client suffers with mild tinnitus and hyperacusis and would benefit from having his hearing aided.

Phil Gower, Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims Specialist at Cardiff based Simpson Millar LLP said: "The client's claim is one for general damages for pain, suffering, and loss of amenity, the requirements for hearing aids and tinnitus retraining therapy."

"I am pleased that we were able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of our client that reflects his needs and ongoing treatment. This is one of a large number of claims we are dealing with against a number of Telecommunication Companies."

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