Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Some moving poems about Domestic Violence

These poems on domestic violence is meant to be provoking it was written over the course of a few weeks it is dedicated to all the victims of this particular form of violence. Remember you are neither alone or forgotten. If you need help,support or advice please contact me directly.


A million times she’s imagined the day when she will have the courage to walk away
Maybe not today though, he’s promised to change
He’s under a lot of stress with work and physically drained

A glance too long as the grocer she pays
Accusations of flirting are thrown her way
Bad language he pours to even up imagined scores
Just keep up with his pace as to the car he does race

Impossible targets he sets
Followed by bullying threats
He’s made this once a happy home vile
As never ending chores for her he does pile

When football friends he does invite
His romantic gestures cause delight
But when they’ve left and beer’s flown
Jealous images have been sown

His fist he tries to justify
As she bathes her swollen eye
She feels totally alone in this prison for her home
He even monitors the phone

And so it’s best to remain out of sight
Her retaliatory words she must bite
Don’t wake him as snoring fills the house
Roam as if on eggshells, deathly as a mouse

She’s bought into his degrading belief
In truth he’s just a dream catcher, a thief
Long forgotten thoughts of love and romance
This coward’s led her a merry dance

What she can’t understand
Is why he uses fists and hands
When all she still wants is his love
Requesting in desperate prayers, help from above

As one day when ‘she’ lights his fuse
It’s her who’ll feel the bruise
Or maybe it’ll be a life and death decision
When his violence is dealt with too accurate precision

Her world collapsed with your first slap
In her mind she could not recap, what had made you snap?
Bouquets of flowers you then would bring
As forgiving lies you then would spin

She forced a smile, if brave enough divorce she would file
Regretting, parent’s savings spent on her big day
Caused such heart felt pain, the guilt made her stay

Years past, her friends long left, her family feel bereft
A change in her so obvious it’s plain to see
If she left him now all loved ones would agree

Her shopping trips demand timing
Or on return walls you’ll be climbing
Her fear grows as your tension shows
Will it stop at a tantrum? Heaven only knows

Was it dinner served six minutes late
That made her chip your favourite plate?
Either way it sealed her fate
As paw with jaw did communicate

It ruined lunch and inspired your punch
You then accuse of over cooked chips
Quickly leading to bloody lips

Clanging saucepans wake you from a light kip
Temper rains down with a wounding kick
"Caring husband’ accompanies another hospital trip
‘My clumsy wife had another staircase slip’

Sceptical Nurses think ’Why doesn’t she flee?
As through his palpable lies they plainly see
But it’s hard to find renewed courage
When inside your emotionally damaged

Linked arm in arm together you wave
Suspicions of curious neighbours staved
‘They look so happy, could I have heard tears?
For now at least relieved of fears

The truth you realise what you’ve got
But you choose not to stop the rot
Always monitoring the phone just in case she tries to phone home

Your love you demonstrate with fear
An anxious grip so intense you ignore all tears
You need her most, this you’ve found
She’s not the weak one; it’s the other way around

Janette Taylor
Gloucestershire Amal Branch

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